Lately, I’ve been thinking if it would be easier to my readers if I just wrote in Portuguese. Everyone commenting here are Brazilians and I keep thinking if it is silly to keep writing in English :)

But I also have a suspicious some of you readers, follow the blog but just don’t comment… So with you in mind, I’m running this poll.

Always remember you can use the translator feature on the right-hand side of the blog, to translate either English-> Portuguese or Portuguese->English.

Please cast your vote (even if you don’t want to leave a comment) so I know if you are reading in English, or prefer English, I will leave it that way.

Ultimamente tenho pensado se seria mais fácil pro meus leitores se eu escrevesse em Português. Todo mundo que comenta aqui é Brasileiro, então eu fico achando meio bobo ficar escrevendo em inglês.

Mas eu também desconfio que algumas pessoas de fora lêem o blog sem comentar e algumas pessoas Brasileiras também preferem em inglês (para praticar o inglês), então pensando nisso, tô fazendo essa pesquisa…

Lembre-se que vocês podem sempre usar o tradutor do lado direito do blog pra traduzir Inglês -> Português ou vice-versa.

Por favor vote (mesmo que você não queira deixar um comentário) e eu vou saber o que vocês preferem :)

Which language would you prefer I blog on? Que língua você prefere que eu blogue?

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If you want explain more your vote, use the comments bellow :) Otherwise, thank you!

Se quiserem explicar mais o voto, podem usar os comentários aí embaixo, senão obrigada!!

Today I’ve started to study for my “Life in the UK” journey into my citizenship to become British.
One of the requirements is that you prove you have a fair knowledge on what people living here for 5 years (I’ve been here for 7 actually) are supposed to know.
I don’t want to get on the vast debate which has been done and redone on how unrealistic the test is – Mr J who was born and lived here a big chunk of his life did not pass the mock test – but the fact is I’ve gotta do it and there is no way out of it, so tonight I took my dusty notebook out, my colour pens and went to study the first chapter of the book I’ll have to ge to know upside down, back to front and the normal way of course!
Won’t bore you with most of the things I have to learn, but here are the most interesting in my opinion: (mind you everything is interesting for me, I love to study!)

** Huguenots were protestants French people who left France (and were accepted by the U.K.) between the 16th and 18th centuries
** Pogroms were racist attacks against Jews from Poland, Ukraine and Belarus between 1880-1910 – to who U.K. also gave shelter
** Yes, there is only one football squad for Olympic games, but for International Matches (like the World Cup) there are four (one for each country): England, Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland.
** Until 1882, the property of a woman, along with her money and earnings were automatically owned by her husband the moment she got married.
** Nowadays, 51% of the population is composed by women, and 45% of the workforce (yeay for us!)
** Girls leave school with better qualification (in average) than boys and are also in bigger number in the University (yeay for us again!)
** Currently only 65% of the children live with both birth parents. A whopping 25% lives with lone-parenting families and 10% with step-families.
** Alcohol and Smoking are on the rise amongst young people, and half of them admit having used drugs at least once (which I thought was high as well)

That’s it for tonight, it was only one chapter… I am struggling with dates and some % but I haven’t even booked the test yet or don’t even know if I will be allowed to apply for it yet, but I am having fun getting this knowledge nonetheless :) And when the time comes I will be already prepared.

… I am pretty surprised how now I think, dream and express myself better using this language.
I know my English is not perfect (far from it) and I know I make – a lot of – mistakes but for some weird reason when I try to write in Portuguese nowadays, I think it looks like a 10 years old wrote it.
Maybe the real problem is the fact I like to write like I talk, and for the best part of the last 7 years I have been talking in English, and definitely in the last year this has been at least 95% of the rate Portuguese/English use for me.
Is funny like some expressions simply take over, some expressions which don’t have translation to Portuguese or sometimes I can’t even recall how you would say something in Portuguese (the other day I was struggling to remember how to say lamb/sheep).
Don’t get me wrong, I haven’t forgotten my mother tongue, I don’t believe it is possible to happen to anyone!
I just think my brain is better trained now to work in English. I love Portuguese, I am happy my Squeedge is also learning it so we can speak Portuguese between us, I still speak Portuguese with my Brazilian friends I have here, I write Portuguese e-mails, I listen to Brazilian music, I read Brazilian news… I always make sure I don’t loose contact with it, just in case…
I like the richness of our language, but maybe that’s exactly why my brain takes the English route, it is so much simpler! :)

So here you go, this is why I write in English, but I have put a translator on the write side of the blog, and you can comment either way, as long as it is one of the two!

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