But I will try and keep the frequent posting, I am liking this verbiage every couple of days, and boy does it have a good impact in my life. I feel when I write and make the words something visible, is easier to focus, to analyse and to stop the re-thinking which drives me insane sometimes.

So, these days I’ve been distracted with planning a lot and it is, as for most people who are the think-too-much breed, one of my favourite pastimes.  I’ve been lost on huge piles of magazines looking for words to use on collages I want to spread in the cave, saving tasty pretty looking food recipes I want to cook when we have friends over to visit, or simply feel like doing something special (that will be every weekend at least I hope), also cutting and pasting anything that catches my eyes, from little nick-knacks to huge pieces of furnitures, even if only to get ideas. We’ve been buying interior design magazines (one cheap and one expensive-ish a month) but all the other magazines were left by the entrance window seal by a kind neighbour Mr. J has  o:) All these things are going to a folder (just like I found out Lolla likes doing as well) and then we run through it at night and choose what is worth going and have a look at.

Some of the things are really disappointing when you go to see them “live” but they still pull us to the right stores and places to find pieces which still matches our tastes.

Togo Sofa, pretty and stylish. But expensive (£4500-6000) too hard and too low and not nice if you just want to sit up straight.

Rolf Benz Plura. Looks pretty and the flexible head and legs rests which become extended as you need are a good idea. But expensive (£10000+) and it is not comfortable at all. The fabric version we tested was "itchy" and it had the feeling of an aircraft seat.

So we may end up just choosing a normal traditional leather sofa…We’ll see. For now we have chosen our magnificent bed and mattress, we went for memory foam with sprung pockets which is best of both worlds. The bed is very Hotel-like but we absolutely lurrrrve hotels, so it is our dream bed which we wouldn’t find anything like it and we will stay with it for a long time so was worth splashing out.

One thing that is helping a lot is this 3D software where you do a floorplan and can play with colours and sizes and decide if everything will look good and pretty and, most importantly, fit before the house is even built. So I am spending a lot of time on it as well, specially at evenings when I get tired of the internet :-D

There are still a lot to choose, and to plan, and I am having a brilliant time doing so. It has taken my mind out of some nagging issues still happening with the old chapter of my life, and has been the best therapy to get me distracted and stressing.


*So, Germany was 3rd place, and that was fair really. I think they played the least emotional but the most competent football, they should’ve been the winners, but football is not a fair game. Felt sad for Furlán, but he got the golden boots so all is fine!

*And Spain made justice by being champions. Holland played dirty from the start and they didn’t deserve to win by far. Spain played beautifully and cutie boy Torres got his medal so all was happy in think-too-much land.

*Summarizing: this World Cup was tainted by bad refereeing, unfair results, passionless football and the sound of vuvuzelas. But was decorated with pretty songs, wonderful smiles, and full-on play-with-our-hearts-in-our-sleeves players and managers (e.g. Maradona and Jochen Lowe). I never like seeing the sad loosers face, no matter who they were, or how badly they played. The commemorations weren’t that special apart from Ghana little dance. But isn’t that how all World Cups always go? :)


Rep. Dennis Kucinich: Is this the United States Congress, or the board of directors of Goldman Sachs?

First I have to say I am a big fan of Michal Moore. Being biased like he is, and exaggerated, and a bit out-of-the-point-of-what-we-are-talking-about-here like he is. He always brings me to tears, his movies for me are always a reality re-check. It is things we know are happening, it is in our faces every day of our mundane lives. Everyone knows is wrong, but do anyone do anything to change it? Hardly no one.

Maybe I’m just gullible, but this movie is friggin’ brilliant. Even if it just makes you think about what you believe is right in this world. What is important? What are the consequences of your acts to go up the ladder? How much is too much for someone to have? How can you do something to change things? And if you tried, would it matter?

Yes, it did brought me to tears again, seeing that even when good, honest, decent people get to power and try to make things change and the human condition better, the greedy and cowards still get their ways. Some(rare)times, there is a glimpse, even if tiny, of hope. But is it enough?

The movie looses its only star I took back when Michael goes to interview the Catholic Church about how “evil” capitalism system is. Really? Are we asking the same Church that was corrupt from its values killed in the name of gold and precious stones in the past? Priests talking about how Capitalism uses propaganda to ” to convince people who are victimized by this very system to support the system and see it as good.” ? Really, the Catholic Chruch, responsible for the cruzades?

The whole thing is hypocritical. For those making the movie and us watching as well. Aren’t we all moved by the same desires of making fortune? Is it a question of how much of a fortune is acceptable or not? As I said this movie is  one to tie your head in a knot and question the kinda of life you want to live behind, so it is not for the faint hearted.

Another problem with the movie is that once again, it will be only watched and have an affect on people who is already convinced by the theories Michael Moore presents us. It is not going to reach people who REALLY needed to, and even if does, it will rarely convince them they are wrong, or make them change their attitudes.

*And just by coincidence, my friend Bianca posted this animation by David Harvey which explains all Michael Moore does in 2 hours in 11 minutes. See it!

Well, those who know me reasonable well knows I have quite the utopic view about capitalism. I truly believe capitalism the worse necessary evil we have to live with, for several reasons.
One of the things I don’t really understand is how countries who are supposed to be poor (or “developing” – to use the politically correct term) can afford to sustain high enormous prices on products which can be found so much cheaper in other countries.
I do know about taxes, and everyone has to make a profit to survive (bing! There you go capitalism being evil!) but I do wonder if the HUGE difference in prices are mostly greed and the certainty people will pay whatever is asked for it, to either:
1. sustain a status of “look, I worked hard, I can spend sh1tloads of money buying this, you can’t”
2. simply out of necessity
3. just liking the item and have no option but to buy it even at higher exorbitant value.

Now nothing wrong with the second reason, if you need something, and there is no way out of it than what can you do really? What annoys me with capitalism is the 1. and 2. points, where you could easily live with another cheaper option, simply not to buy whatever is being exploited from you, and force the prices down.
In my view, it is as easy as that. But maybe I am wrong?In here we have the example of Jaguar, which went bankrupt because people would not buy their cars anymore on the prices they were charging. It is sad to see a national industry go away, but have them lowered their prices I am sure they would have survived. See prices for houses, cars, mobile phones, anything here don’t survive too long a surge on prices because people stop buying.Of course I am using Brazil as my criticism view, unfortunately a bad one this time.But coming from there and having this outlook on people

I was raised seeing people getting suffocated by debits. On credit card, on financing in 817373 instalments payments to have things they don’t really need, they just want. To keep up with their friends, put up a front and try to live a life beyond their means, and it is a circle vice, and when you least expect everyone is caught on it. Sad affair.Thanks to mum and dad, I got the right hang of it. Bought my cars always with prompt payment. Never spend more than I make. First thing I do when I get my salary is to put a big chunk of it aside on my savings. Never buy more than I need. Maybe that’s why I can’t understand how this industry is still fed by people buying these things and throwing money at something so replaceable.

Fiat 500
Price in Brazil – from £21834.00 (R$ 61.900.00)
Price in U.K. from £9100.00 (R$ 25782.00)

Ac Dc gig
Price in Brazil – from £53.00-£106.00 (R$150.00-R$300.00)
Price in UK – from £45.00 (R$ 127.00)

Price in Brazil – from £670.00 (R$1899.00)
Price in UK – from £342.00 (R$ 968.00)

**Currency converter

Now, I can’t leave this post without saying how bad the Fruit/Veg prices are here compared to Brazil where they are sold at ridiculous low prices. I was going to include how cheaper the Avocato, Apple, Lettuce were in Brazil, but boy how wrong was I? They are cheaper here now! Ok, they don’t taste the same (they are frozen to survive the trip and then thawed again for sale) but I was soo surprised to see the prices we are paying for food in Brazil now! Maybe it is a great sign people are earning more and affording to have more… Mmm, food for thought… – no punt intended ;)

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