Dear Diary

But I will try and keep the frequent posting, I am liking this verbiage every couple of days, and boy does it have a good impact in my life. I feel when I write and make the words something visible, is easier to focus, to analyse and to stop the re-thinking which drives me insane sometimes.

So, these days I’ve been distracted with planning a lot and it is, as for most people who are the think-too-much breed, one of my favourite pastimes.  I’ve been lost on huge piles of magazines looking for words to use on collages I want to spread in the cave, saving tasty pretty looking food recipes I want to cook when we have friends over to visit, or simply feel like doing something special (that will be every weekend at least I hope), also cutting and pasting anything that catches my eyes, from little nick-knacks to huge pieces of furnitures, even if only to get ideas. We’ve been buying interior design magazines (one cheap and one expensive-ish a month) but all the other magazines were left by the entrance window seal by a kind neighbour Mr. J has  o:) All these things are going to a folder (just like I found out Lolla likes doing as well) and then we run through it at night and choose what is worth going and have a look at.

Some of the things are really disappointing when you go to see them “live” but they still pull us to the right stores and places to find pieces which still matches our tastes.

Togo Sofa, pretty and stylish. But expensive (£4500-6000) too hard and too low and not nice if you just want to sit up straight.

Rolf Benz Plura. Looks pretty and the flexible head and legs rests which become extended as you need are a good idea. But expensive (£10000+) and it is not comfortable at all. The fabric version we tested was "itchy" and it had the feeling of an aircraft seat.

So we may end up just choosing a normal traditional leather sofa…We’ll see. For now we have chosen our magnificent bed and mattress, we went for memory foam with sprung pockets which is best of both worlds. The bed is very Hotel-like but we absolutely lurrrrve hotels, so it is our dream bed which we wouldn’t find anything like it and we will stay with it for a long time so was worth splashing out.

One thing that is helping a lot is this 3D software where you do a floorplan and can play with colours and sizes and decide if everything will look good and pretty and, most importantly, fit before the house is even built. So I am spending a lot of time on it as well, specially at evenings when I get tired of the internet :-D

There are still a lot to choose, and to plan, and I am having a brilliant time doing so. It has taken my mind out of some nagging issues still happening with the old chapter of my life, and has been the best therapy to get me distracted and stressing.


*So, Germany was 3rd place, and that was fair really. I think they played the least emotional but the most competent football, they should’ve been the winners, but football is not a fair game. Felt sad for Furlán, but he got the golden boots so all is fine!

*And Spain made justice by being champions. Holland played dirty from the start and they didn’t deserve to win by far. Spain played beautifully and cutie boy Torres got his medal so all was happy in think-too-much land.

*Summarizing: this World Cup was tainted by bad refereeing, unfair results, passionless football and the sound of vuvuzelas. But was decorated with pretty songs, wonderful smiles, and full-on play-with-our-hearts-in-our-sleeves players and managers (e.g. Maradona and Jochen Lowe). I never like seeing the sad loosers face, no matter who they were, or how badly they played. The commemorations weren’t that special apart from Ghana little dance. But isn’t that how all World Cups always go? :)


Rep. Dennis Kucinich: Is this the United States Congress, or the board of directors of Goldman Sachs?

First I have to say I am a big fan of Michal Moore. Being biased like he is, and exaggerated, and a bit out-of-the-point-of-what-we-are-talking-about-here like he is. He always brings me to tears, his movies for me are always a reality re-check. It is things we know are happening, it is in our faces every day of our mundane lives. Everyone knows is wrong, but do anyone do anything to change it? Hardly no one.

Maybe I’m just gullible, but this movie is friggin’ brilliant. Even if it just makes you think about what you believe is right in this world. What is important? What are the consequences of your acts to go up the ladder? How much is too much for someone to have? How can you do something to change things? And if you tried, would it matter?

Yes, it did brought me to tears again, seeing that even when good, honest, decent people get to power and try to make things change and the human condition better, the greedy and cowards still get their ways. Some(rare)times, there is a glimpse, even if tiny, of hope. But is it enough?

The movie looses its only star I took back when Michael goes to interview the Catholic Church about how “evil” capitalism system is. Really? Are we asking the same Church that was corrupt from its values killed in the name of gold and precious stones in the past? Priests talking about how Capitalism uses propaganda to ” to convince people who are victimized by this very system to support the system and see it as good.” ? Really, the Catholic Chruch, responsible for the cruzades?

The whole thing is hypocritical. For those making the movie and us watching as well. Aren’t we all moved by the same desires of making fortune? Is it a question of how much of a fortune is acceptable or not? As I said this movie is  one to tie your head in a knot and question the kinda of life you want to live behind, so it is not for the faint hearted.

Another problem with the movie is that once again, it will be only watched and have an affect on people who is already convinced by the theories Michael Moore presents us. It is not going to reach people who REALLY needed to, and even if does, it will rarely convince them they are wrong, or make them change their attitudes.

*And just by coincidence, my friend Bianca posted this animation by David Harvey which explains all Michael Moore does in 2 hours in 11 minutes. See it!

This week has been busy with work, but good productive and with amazing feedbacks from the boss, just the way you like it! Been hectic at home, they are changing the flat windows, so it has been noisy and annoying! I don’t like strangers as it is, and to have them peeping doesn’t help one little bit. But hey ho, soon all will be over so no worry putting up with it a little bit!

I’ve been also busy playing with floorplans, 3D models, Interior Designs Magazines, replying e-mails, and reading blogs (have finally emptied my to read list off my reader \:D/  yeay). I tried to change my trend of commenting every post, but sometimes was hard not to, and I did anyway (mostly with blogs which the author: is close to me and/or comments here frequently and/or has expressed likes comments before and/or is a close real friend). I am trying to find a midway between what I always thought was the right way to go about it and the way that makes me less paranoid about it all. I think I am getting there, finally :> Don’t want to turn this into a “storm inside a glass of water” :)) (That’s another Brazilian saying for ya!)

Also changed my habits on facebook and twitter and I think is helping me a lot on this road to self-balance. More to come on this subject.

Went training twice, struggled a LOT to breathe, but still managed reasonable distances. Going later today as well, once the strange people go way.

Updated my wants-to list :)>-  When you look it like that, not bad at all for a 6 weeks period!

* So the games are almost over. It has been a suprise World Cup, I will tell you that! Lots of favourites were out sadly, but what counts is the 90  minutes performance in the end, and that’s one of the ugliest beauties of the game. I was disappointed by Netherlands getting through, they cheated kicking players all the time and pressuring the referees. Happy for Spain, even without Torres having a brilliant campaign, they played fair, and Villa has been superb!

* I am supporting Uruguay tonight because they are South America, but I like Joachim Loew, so I won’t be sad if they win :) I will probably decide once the game starts and I will check who is playing fairer and  going more for the goal.

Headmaster: You’ll be lucky to find a job on the docks because you’re going nowhere. Here at Quarry Bank generally… nowhere.
John: Is “nowhere” full of geniuses, sir? Because then I probably do belong there.

Ok, so I was expecting this movie to be great! I was expecting to tell us all about the dirt between Paul and John (McCarthy and Lennon that is, keep up! :-D ). Maybe that’s what spoiled it for me, unfortunately. If you are willing to see this movie, don’t do the same mistake I did. About the Beatles, it ain’t. It is all about John. But not John’s family, or John’s friends, or music, or school. Actually is not even about John, per se,but it  is about his head. They don’t go deep, and don’t get close to very much. All is very superficial, the going of the movie is very slow, and feel very artsy. I don’t mind slow and artsy, (e.g. I loved Control – about Joy Division’s singer) as long it is leading somewhere, but unfortunately (sorry for the pun) this one just lead nowhere, it is all very lose, confusing and well, pointless. Maybe the story is just not strong enough, or special enough, or powerful enough to be told. Nonetheless, a great thing about the movie though is the acting by Aaron Johnson playing John and Kristin Scott Thomas playing Auntie Mimi. It is something worthy keeping watching the movie for. Just.

Busy bee again :bz but no news there :) Flu/hayfever finally gone and I am back to my good self, finally!

Went to see Mrs. G and her Baby G., how cute can an oriental baby be? The cutest!!! =D We caught up with life, and I had a wonderful time in the Sun. Then went to meet Mr. and Mrs. M for a spot of Caetano Veloso @ Barbican Hall, he did some crazy weirdo stuff but still totally worth it! Could not believe when he did my favourite Trem das Cores \:D/

Stroppy but his wonderful voice is all he needs

So going back to training tonight, looking forward to it! Have put on a weight I really didn’t want to, but hey ho, no point complaining about, hate something, change something, make something better, that’s my motto!

Speaking of hating something, changing something, a lot of things I hated happened lately, involving the past, friends and things I’d like have gone differently.

But again, all I will do is something to change it, and try and make it better, for me. It is not only the fact I hate confrontation, is also the fact I believe every time I complain to people the way I feel, it is in a way empowering that person to make me feel that way. And I don’t like that feeling one little bit. Also, there is the feeling of being silly, complaining about something that is not there, and is only my self-esteem (or lack of it) and paranoia getting the best of me.

So the change will have to come from me, and mostly the problem is with me anyway, (maybe a middle-child-syndrome symptom)  getting jealous of people not giving me attention as they do to each other. I need to accept that’s what happens when friends are not “mine”, but have been copied. I have to learn and cope with that, and readjust that despite I consider them my FRIENDS, they may consider me their friend. And I can live with that no problem, just need to know where I stand really. I will do my usual re-shuffle, I only hope this going with the flow, when I take a step back, doesn’t get me in trouble again, as it did before, but if it does, this time I am completely sure I did my best, and maybe it just wasn’t enough, and time for the friendship to move on to another place or finish completely.

On the other side, a lot of things I loved happened as well, balance of the Universe kinda of thing. Reconnected with my real, “original” friends, the cave planning is taking new and exciting highs, my work contract is in the process of being renewed and as I said on the top of the post, my ilness has gone away. I am happy, and content and have to stop “looking for hairs on egg shells” like we say in Brazil :-D

*So, Brazil is out of the World Cup. I always knew they wouldn’t make it to the final. They’ve played a passionless football, with too much diving, complaining and getting annoyed with the opponent when they played a certain level above the average. Yes, I do agree the referee was weak, but when you are considered the geniuses of football, no referee should be able to stop you unless it is scandalous incompetence, which wasn’t on the case by far.

* I was rooting for Uruguay to get through. Ghana team is a brute team, shouting and intimidating adversaries is not how football should be won. I think was a fair result and I am happy for Uruguay, which has been playing good solid football throughout.

* Argentina not going through and loosing 4×0 was a shock. I was getting to like their passion and the clean football they played throughout the tournament. They didn’t cheat, didn’t dive, didn’t become violent, and you gotta leave the rivalry aside to admit and admire that . Unfortunately,(and it hurts me to say that) Brazil was the one doing all those things this year, and you gotta leave your Brazilian heart aside to admit that as well. With me, love for the sport speaks louder than the love or hate for the teams.

* Did not see the Spain game, but happy Torres will get another chance to try ;)

Tom: What happens when you fall in love? Summer: You believe in that? Tom: It's love, it's not Santa Claus.

Between one game and the other, and the cave planning, we managed to, finally , watch 500 days of Summer. The movie starts saying it is not a love story, and I disagree with it. For me, it is a love story, and all love entitles, including coming to an end, or not being corresponded. It is an amazing story, got me gripped on the sofa and shut myself up (I usually speak a LOT during movies) and I just wanted to know if the predictable, sweeter-than-honey, messes-up-with-peoples-heads-and-expectations-about-how-real-life-should-be annoying Hollywoodian ending would come. Well, I am not going to spoil that for you ;)  But enjoyed it a lot!

Luckily the illness is going away and I am recovering nicely. Busy with work, had to go to the office yesterday again, but was fun, met the Big Boss, who seemed very nice (although he is a pain on my boss’s butt). The weather has still been brilliant and soon I should be back to my running routine.

*Brazil game was predictable, so a bit boring. It is funny to see the different types of supporters there are.
>> Those who understand and love football and make sensible, passionate comments. (I’d like to think I’m here)
>> Those who just love football and make silly, but passionate comments.
>> Those who understand football, but don’t care much about it, so no comments at all.
>> Those who does or does not understand, and therefore hate the game and all they can wish is the end of the Cup.
All very valid, and all makes me laugh, because at the end (unless you are on the hate football category) we all think we know the best tactics and the best team sheet, so although I laugh when some people make what is serious comments to them, I may be in the same category myself!

*I was happy with Spain v Portugal results. I do like Portugal, but I can’t stand Cristiano Ronaldo. And on the other side, I love seeing Torres and the Spanish playing so that will be a treat for a little longer!

Earthy Sun

Earthy Sun

These days have been incredibly busy and I’ve been incredibly ill. Hayfever, turning into cold, not fun at all. Today is Mr. J’s mum birthday and they came up to London to have dinner with us on Saturday and Sunday we went to the William Morris gallery, such a lovely little place and mandatory for those who love wallpapers and furniture, and to the garden at the back of the house (from which the pictures decorate this post).

Saturday morning we spent 4 hours making the choices for the house (tiles, carpets, flooring and kitchen). I’ve also spent less time on the computer because it was getting to much for me. I love looking through magazines, websites, and getting ideas and planning what will soon be my new cave, so I’ve been spending most of my time doing just that.

*So, I haven’t watched the first elimination (Usa v Ghana / Uruguay v North Korea) but it was nice to see the Africans and the South Americans getting through.

* England v Germany and Argentina v Mexico were two displays of extremes.

Delicate white

Delicate white

England was unmotivated, sad, like the last thing they wanted to do was to be there. The players were positioned wrongly, did not know who was playing until 2 hours before the game and it played havoc with their self confidence. I felt pity for them, but not because they deserved to win, but because is sad to have such a chance to be in such event an waste it down the drain.

Argentina on the other side played with their heart and their passion was obvious, in every play, every pass, every clever move. Every celebration by the players and Maradona, is a display of what we all look for on a football team and game.

I already miss my football fix every day, now is only a week more to go, boo!

Hey metal!

Hey Metal, you were a tree one day before you know?




Hairy Tree

Gonna getcha!

I'm gonna getcha!

Ugly duckling

Ugly this duckling isn't!

Dead and Alive

Dead and Alive

A lot on my mind these last 2 days. VERY good news came through and I should be on the top of the world, but stress at work spoiled it a bit.

Had to go the office (reluctantly) and missed two games, but hey ho, I am sure I will survive =D

* This world cup is the year of the “zebras” which is what we call when the underdogs surprises and win. And wow, if Italy and France out on the first round is not surprise enough, I don’t know what it is. But it goes to show that having the favouritism means nothing in this life. You have to keep fighting and proving yourself, otherwise, someone who is willing the slightest bit more than you, will. Another thing it proves as well, is that it’s not over, until is over.

* Lots of people in Brazil thought the game was boring, or weak. But in my point of view, it was a game to preserve the players, who are already stretched after football championships around the world. Why to risk an injury? The win wasn’t needed because we were competent enough to guarantee our spot in the first two games ( and we were in the Death Group) so why do it? “I don’t like it, but I understand it” said Mick McCarthy during the game on BBC. And the is the truth for me too. I don’t like to see Brazil and Portugal on a 0-0 draw, everyone was waiting for football show on this game. But is completely understandable why the managers would not want to risk injuries, yellow cards (and there were 7!) and not play the next game when everything is for grabs.  So yeah, I didn’t enjoy the game today, but like in life, sometimes you got to take a breather, a step back, and not just march on like a bull.

* The last phase of the boring bits is over. No more draws, or teams not getting past the half-line. Now, the real final begins and let the best win!!

These days have been absolutely hectic with work and some good news preparing to be spread, watch this space ;)

Meanwhile, life and the world Cup still goes on:

*Portugal did the biggest scoring so far (and possible will be the final one). 7-nil against North Korea. Gotta admire the North Koreans for their will to try and win and go to certain defeat against Ronaldo. That’s what we want to see, not the pitiful display Greece gave us yesterday.

*Domenech still living in a world of  his own staged his last piece of #WTF because he didn’t want to shake hands with Parreira. I thought was all about the taking part? :-|  (There are rumours Parreira bad-mouthed the French before the game, ok, if that’s the case, it would be understable, I suppose)

We are past the half point and already miss my football fix, but not to worry, the Euro Cup is a great thing here as well, and only 2 years away \:D/

Friday was spent working, with a few meetings between games, but mostly I could
peek what was happening, just the way I like it ( I am sure will miss this
football overdose once the Cup is over…)

Saturday I went to see a dear friendie I have since my old times of blogging. Mr. J went on to a stag do and as it was the same city where she lives, I got the chance to catch up. It is nice to see that even if we are not that close on a day to day basis, we still clicked and spent the whole 8 hours chatting, we cleaned her wardrobe in the best SATC style, sorting out what she should keep or give away and had a brilliant time watching the footie as well.

Sunday we went to see Miss Lazy (seeing her birthday is this coming Tuesday) and the cutie Baby C – who slept all the way through the game, shouts and all. That’s my girl, not fussy at all! Brilliant time with them it is always great to in the company of Brazilians, even if I know I am the boring one who defends the game’s rules above everything, even my own squad! :-D

* The refereeing has gotten worse these last three days. It messed up 2 of the three games on Friday (USA vs Slovenia and Germany vs Serbia) and today as well with Brazil and Ivory Coast. When will FIFA stop selecting (or accepting the selection of) referees who are not prepared enough to whistle? Disgraceful to the game, and frustrating to the players, is a shame to those who understand the sport and love it for the skills and talents.

Yellow Heart on my hand on Brazilian Heart - a gift from Potato(a)'s Mum

Yellow Heart on my hand on Brazilian Heart - a gift from Potato(a)'s Mum

* He already got me for his sense of style, but Joachim Loew also won me over with his reactions to the injustice committed against Germany on Friday’s game. Also liking Dunga’s coaching reactions (even if I don’t like the way he is coaching) and all those shouting at the edge of the field, throwing stuff on the ground and kicking the air. That’s what football is about, passion, emotion, anger, satisfaction and joy. Blood through your veins. And not a half cynical smile, like the one coming from Dominic (the French coach)

* Obstructing is annoying the heck out of me. Some consider it good defending but for me, it is unskilled defending. Defending is about blocking the ball from going through, not the player.

* On the french fight, I think is horrible that Dominic sent Anelka home. Football is not a democracy like the whole world should be? Of course Anelka should know how to phrase critics, but there should be no reason to get rid of him if they were serious to play the world cup. Once again, I say the Irish should be there and the Frenchmen are  only proving it now…

Work today was messed up, we had an issue and I spent the whole afternoon working on it. Had a bit of sorrow with some family affairs, but nothing some football won’t take my mind out of.

The games today were amazing. I knew this would happen from now on :-P They were pacey, the teams had to go for it and the vuvuzelas started to fade. I could hear the chants, the songs and the shouts again, now we talking World Cup spirit!

* I think we’ve been shown maybe there is justice in the world after all. France was appalling on both their games. Maybe it is some kind of justice for the Irish squad, but still sad they are not the ones there.

* A bit of hot head made Nigeria lose their game. Shame, but they should know better being professional footballs.

* Nigerian keeper was another victim of the ball. I told it was the reason for so many bad defenses… How many more to come?

Looking forward to England v Algeria and Germany v Serbia tomorrow, come on boys!

Today was a meeting day, like almost all Wednesdays. I spend 80% of the time on the phone so the TV had to stay on mute mode. Also went for my run, but starting to take it easier, as I’ve replaced Nike+ Run Coach by the Take to the Streets website, now I can train for 16K instead of a half marathon Nike kept pushing me for. Was good and my shin didn’t hurt as much and I didn’t get as tired.

On the notes which didn’t make the Twitter or Facebook now ( I am still posting some there ;)) )

* The best names of players for now: Surprise, Tshabalala (every time he comes in we sing \:D/ Is this is the way to Amarillo?? Tchabala-la-la-la-la *clap* *clap*)  more names to come as I notice them.

*Is funny to see Parreira swearing in Portuguese during the SA games :-D Nice funny, not haha funny!

* I am glad the referee didn’t get intimidated and went to send the SA Keeper away. I like South African sqaud, but the game has to be followed by the rules, doesn’t  matter who is the host.

* Spain today chose to start without Torres. They ended up paying the price of being too confident and thinking they were strong and good without him. I agree with the manager to try and save him (he had surgery on his knee last month) but if he was fit he should have gone in in the second half. Too little too late after the Swiss scored. I am in favour of teams playing the best squads they can possibly can, always.

So that’s it, everyone played their first games. Germany is the only one who came and delivered without struggling, the others just made it. Has been a bit boring, a bit disappoint and unexciting surprise. But then again, I always think the start of World Cups are like that, so on with the second round now ;)

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