*Last updated in July 13th 2010*

I want time to do things I WANT to do:

  • Write my blog with the torment of thoughts that invaded my head lately (and there are a lot, believe you me!)
  • To read my blogroll (have done so in 2 months time, shame on me! :"> )
  • Take some lessons and learnt something new:
    • Photograph
    • Flash (webdesign)
    • CSS
    • Singing
    • How to play the keyboard ( I got one from Mr. J as an early birthday present)
    • NEW Learn a new language (Serbian, or French, or Spanish) or retake Italian or Japanese
  • Join the gym
  • NEW Cook (a lot) more
  • NEW Paiting and all sorts of Arts & Crafts (I was quite the cross stitcher and Crochet-maker during my early and teenager years
  • Join a football, netball or cricket team
  • Retake the book-project with my friendie-sis Qris
  • Maybe even take on another degree, like Graphic Design, or Web Design or *anything-design-will-do* kind of course
  • Retake my webdesign hobby-like-projects

But instead I see myself busy-bee and struggling with things I NEED to do:

  • Study for my citizenship test Done, passed and waiting on application feedback :)
  • Keeping the house in minimal acceptable order This is an ongoing task, but I am doing pretty well, at least twice a month, big tidy up. And haven’t ran out of dishes for a long time!
  • Working like I haven’t done for a long time, so I can guarantee a contract renewal Contract about to be renewed, work is better but still busy!

Luckily though, life is not all sadness and rushing about. Included in the things I NEED to do,  I also NEED to fit pleasant stuff, and been busy training for a 16K run in October, meeting my London lovely peers, travelled to Portugal to see my goddaughter, been busy planning the future, making these plans come true and changing is always stressful, but gladly, I am in great company and going through it in quite the fun way.   :bz