I am slowly getting up-to-date with the blogs I read, and the hardest thing for me is to read the posts without leaving anything in the comments field.

The problem is, I treat everything online the same I would treat if I was talking with the person face to face. I get this strong feeling if I am not replying to people, it is like I am letting them talk alone. And I am the same with twitter, facebook and e-mails   ~x(

The problem with it is that sometimes people may think I am being clingy, or that I  have the last word (which is a bad habit in my point of view) or that I have nothing else to do with my life, which would be brilliant, if it only was true.

But of course it could be something far worse than that. And that I do it to keep people close, that I believe I need this to keep “reminding” people I exist, and would attract them to treat me the same way.

As part of my journey of treating my paranoia, I think I need to change this habit. I believe now I know the profile of all my online friends, and I know who needs, wants, likes lots of comments and/or replies. And those who are not really bothered by it. And I will start and apply that trend instead, always making sure I comment when I have something that will contribute to the dialog and not only because I have to say something.

It will save me a lot of face and lot of time, I tells ya.

Mind you, I will keep reading all my timeline, nonetheless and regardless of how long it takes. Tweet by tweet, status by status, post by post. I am not *that* unhooked from it yet to only read what I currently see when I log in :-??

And on a quick note, Birthday was brilliant! Friends made it amazing once again and totally worth for arranging the lunch! Got a lot of presents, too big a list to put in here now, but will certainly be talking about them and dropping pics as I get to put them to good use! :-bd